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How in the DISNEY WORLD do I do this?

First of all, you've come to the right spot. This is where you pat yourself on the back. You found the one person who will help you from beginning to end, with everything you need to have a successful experience regardless of the reason for your visit. So welcome! Welcome to your very own personal guide that will ensure you don't waste time searching for a bathroom or waste money buying the wrong ticket. I can even help you understand why staying at one resort is better than another based on what your overall plan is. There are a ton of little details that most people never get without hours and hours of studying and research. But that's not you...because you have ME!

Some of the services I offer my clients based on their individual needs are:

  • To help you understand what all Walt Disney World has to offer

  • To provide you with a general idea of the layout of the property

  • Design your trip based on your specific needs

  • To set clear goals around your high-priority activities

  • Knowledge on how to use your MyDisneyExperience account and mobile app

  • To provide support during your trip: daily check-ins, on-demand text support

I am excited and anxious to provide you with the greatest trip you've NEVER had. That's right, this is going to top the list so let's get to work. My future blogs will help you stay connected with all the newest events taking place, little tips to help you become more prepared prior to your trip, and lesser known experiences to help increase the magic of your visit. Now...let's get busy making those memories!

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